sobota, 8 lutego 2014



1. Don’t You see the sign of danger?
You are going down the blind alley.
Don’t You see that I am no angel
Living only in Your head?

When I am ready to run
You are holding me tight in Your arms.
When I am ready too fall
You carry me on.

ch: You are the light in the night
You keep my feet on the ground.
You are a guide when I am blind and I am down.
You will leave me behind.
Cause You are the light in the night.

2. Don’t You feel lost in town of strangers
So lonely in the crowd around?
And don’t You feel tired on sounds of revengers
Still trying to hunt me down?

When I am ready to run…
ch: You are the light, bright light in the night…

Pozdrawiam, KM.

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