piątek, 10 stycznia 2014

Nothing compares

"Nothing compares" 

1. You were calling her like once a month
after a quarrel, so tired and sad.
You were always talking that You don’t really care.
Still the same story about the finale end.

She used to listen, You used to talk.
She become accustomed to be the second one.

Ch: Since You took Your past away, You say:
“Nothing compares, nothing compares…”
Since You dared do forward step, You say:
“Nothing compares, nothing compares
With her, with her”
You say: … “Nothing compares with her, with her…”

 2. One day You said  to her You want to be more that friend.
And those words made her confused and afraid
Even though she tried hard to get You out of mind
You didn’t let her passing You by.

Now You are the listener and she still talks.
But she become accustomed to be the only one.

Now her hand entwined with You hand.
You are not the same since that one step.

09.01.14 - Klaudia Budner

      fot. M

Natchnienie zawsze przychodzi niespodziewanie...
Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego wieczoru, KM.

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